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Human slavery is real and thriving in many forms. Did you know there is more slavery in the United States right now than any other time in our history? Every day in our own backyards, children ages 12 and up are at risk of being forced to have sex 20 to 30 times a day. By the year 2020, the sale of human beings will surpass the sale of drugs in our country.  Although the police and FBI are working to rescue these girls, there isn't a safe place for them to live, heal or recover from the abuse they've endured. 

Goal: $ 150,000.00

We plan to accomplish this goal with our TOGETHER We Can campaign; by using the POWER OF TEN. 

We are asking for your help to become a Carrier of Hope Team Captain, committing to raise $1000 by asking 10 people in your network to donate $100 each. Your "toolkit" of resources to help spread the word is below. Please feel free to customize the message in your own voice.
Unity brings power and TOGETHER We Can!

Our first Together We Can campaign was a huge success.  I BIG thank you to all the 2017 Carriers of Hope we raised $130,000! 

Will you be a Carrier of Hope?  Click here to download your fundraising toolkit and please fill out the form below and attach your picture.  



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